Something a little different today. I am thinking about all of the people out there that are considering a career change…. I personally love designing and feel very fortunate to have been able to work and have a hobby in design and still love it! My husband has always loved writing, hence becoming a writer. But for him a career change was in order due to the economy and the mere fact that he always wanted to teach! My mother also recently took the plunge after working for a large retail chain since high school… working up to corporate work and decided to go back to school for nursing. Things happen for a reason and always remember to not forget your dreams. Like my husband who always wanted to teach… or the mother who was looking for more out of her career to help others. In the spirit of dreams, don’t forget what you wanted be “when you grow up”. I for one want to continue the design but who knows maybe one day I will be an architect or pro singer like I always thought! It’s good to dream. 🙂

Here we go… a contest!

1. Go to “my SIS designs” facebook page and “Like” or become a fan, whatever it is now..

2. Take a photo of your favorite outfit (on the hangers or on you…let’s keep this clean)

3. Post the photo by May 30th, 2010 at 12pm EDT to the “my SIS designs” facebook page.

4. If you post your photo and book a home trunk show for JUNE or AUGUST of 2010 you will get $75 in free product at your show! (local/HV people)

5. I will pick at random on June 2nd the winners for the following prizes: 1st – Full set, earrings, necklace and a bracelet to go with that outfit! (Value: $50), 2nd – Bracelet and earrings ($30), 3rd – Earrings ($15)

6. One entry per person. Winners must redeem their winnings by August 30th, 2010.

Legal mumbo jumbo: No cash in exchange for product.  my SIS designs is not responsible for facebook errors. my SIS designs holds the right to delete any entry should it be deemed inappropriate.

(Note: sorry I cannot ship outside the U.S., unless arrangements are made for the submitter to pay shipping)


Flower Hair Pins

Set of three Swarovski crystal flower hair pins - $35

These beautiful hair pins are great for any event! Put your hair up, stick em’ into your “do” and you are ready and glimmering. Thin hair, no problem. You would weave the pins into your pony tail to secure them in!  The best part of hair pins is you can wear one or group them together. Try using hair pins instead of a tiara and you can then use these again!!

This set of three is made with Swarovski crystals and can be made with all types of beads. You choose! These in particular are the diameter of a U.S. quarter (approx 1″).

$70 - handcrafted, wire wrapped flower broach / hair accessory Swarovski Crystals and seed beads

A bride from the area requested a flower for her hair and based on a pin she sent to me I put this pin that can be also bobby pinned into the hair. It is approx. 2.75″ in diameter.

Back includes loops for hair and pin for clothing

If you can see in the photos there are loops where the flower can be secured into the hair. So pretty! I really enjoy making custom items, can you tell? I made a mother’s bracelet too but I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so ater the big day I will post!

Beaded bookmarks - $10 each

Spring is here. I hope, finally. With the spring comes spring breaks, teacher appreciation day and the end of the school year.  Start thinking about those gift and get your orders in early. 🙂

I have a variety of beaded bookmarks, paperclips and key chains. Here is a sample of the bookmarks.

The paperclips are super cute and I will post them next time. (all of my current ones are at Waddle N’ Swaddle in Poughkeepsie)

Let me know what colors you prefer. School colors, favorite colors… I will find it! These gifts are great for guys and gals alike. I can also make them with leather cording!

It was my grandmother’s birthday on Valentine’s Day, and yes I am late in sending her gift. It will be worth the wait! I made these beautiful turquoise teardrop and 24k gold earrings to match a pendant she has.  If you love them, I have enough materials to make 2 more pairs, yours for $25!

Yes, I made up a word, so what?!* These “orangariffic” earrings were made with a variety of materials. The posts on the first two pairs are platinum plated. The cubes are sterling. I am loving orange. More to come!

The cubes earrings are sold, but no worries… I can make more. The other two are one-of-a-kinds. Each pair here is $25 plus shipping, unless you are local of course! 🙂

Yes, two posts in one night! I would like to share that I just finished the design for an invitation for a new event for the Alzheimer’s Association in NY, Cruise for the Cure. Enzo Simone, an Alzheimer’s activist is being honored with the Renee Pollack Memorial Award for Distinguished Service. I urge you check out the link and to see if this is an event you would like to attend.

If the date does not work for you, there is the “A Night of Wine and Roses” Gala that I am on the planning committee for. Want to donate something for the auction, be a sponsor or make a donation? Contact me, it is for a great cause.

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Yesterday the day started with me hopping a train to NYC from “upstate”… not really, 2 hours north of the city. But, I went with a couple tasks.

1 – Go to a seminar on Advanced Adobe Illustrator at Noble Desktop

2 – Find a FREE wireless connection to send some design files to a printer.

3 – Go to the InDesign Users Group meeting to learn about creating e-books

4 – Venture into the fashion district to get my hand on some beads if there is time.

Do all of that and beat the rain in the city. Glad I brought my bright pink umbrella!

So how did I do?

1 – CHECK! Noble Desktop proved that they are in the “Exceptional computer graphics training.” category. I will be going back just to learn more from them about my Adobe products, no doubt about it.

2 – Not so successful. I could not readily find a place to sit, get a connection and send ONE file. Why can’t they make it easy for me to plug my cell phone into my computer so I can connect for a little bit from my laptop?
(ooo… patent idea?, go ahead steal it, but you better send me royalties! )

3 – Again, a disappointment. I was in the middle of my seminar at Noble Desktop and got a call that a HUGE storm was there, blizzard and to come home ASAP. 😦 So, After my class, on my way back to the train station, I went to the bead stores!!!

4 – So now you know. I went… OOO BOY was I BEADAZZLED! I went home with a bag of loot for sure. Check it out.

So it is now time to get my bead on! Look out for my spring collection coming soon!

If you are local, Spring Trunk Show in New Paltz — March 20th, 2010. Contact me directly at for details and directions! Also, if you want to have your own show at your home, book a home show to be held in March by February 28th and get $50 in FREE jewelry!

Not local? I am setting up a store online, so stay tuned!

It always starts with a friend… this time it is Andrea. I make accessories with Swarovski crystals and I made a couple pairs of hair clips for her mother. Wear them with jeans or to dress up. Why not put some SPARKLE into your life?

This particular set is made with floral aurora borealis. Love em’!

These are made with clear floral crystals and bi-cones. Lovely snowflakes.

Like them? Want a pair?
Give me a hollar and they are yours for $20 a pair. (I take custom requests 🙂 )